Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Sometimes we want order to our lives. Sometimes too much order is considered boring and somewhate militaristic, but order and love can also be great. Sometimes when I think about when I had order and love, it was the best the world could be. When you have no order and no love, you are bound to make bad choices and take even worse courses of action in life. I guess there's a balance to both sides. Right now I would say that I need order, have love, but in no order do I know who to love. In short order love is good. In a long menu love is good.

do you have love in your life?


Monday, November 24, 2008

better to not

I guess sometimes it's better to not even ask a question that may lead to an answer you can't handle, but man....it's tough for me to keep my mouth shut time. Sometimes it's so tough to start. Sometimes I hesitate to start, but I will always finish. I don't make apologies for who I am, but I guess we do have to make apologies for the things we do. We're all human and I guess everyone has a level of recklessness. I guess some are on the extreme ends of the spectrum.

thank god for music.


Thursday, November 13, 2008


Sometimes change is good. Sometimes change is bad......

But for certain change will happen regardless of how your ass feels about it. Right? So roll with the punches and come out swinging in the next round.



So it goes without saying that maybe not everyone wants to work hard. MAybe some people want to coast through life. I guess hard work does different things to different people. Maybe a hard life regards easy work as a gift. Maybe an easy life regards hard work as punishment. In either case, work can be work and work can be fun. FOr the first time in my life, work has been fun. Never have I felt challenged. Do you get challenged @ work? Or is it just a place to go, spend time, do something, get paid and leave? Ah. I guess it's different things for different people. That dream of being a pro athlete kind of faded a long time ago, but keeping that dream almost keeps my childhood alive inside of me. Seeing a city win a championship rekindles that feeling of being a kid again. Living at an age where everything was pure and not messed up by adults with issues and society with its influence.......

It's Thursday, but maybe this is my Friday thought since I have off tomorrow. In either case. I like feeling like a kid at play and an adult at work. And that dream wasn't so bad. I was surprised to see her face in the dream. Even though meeting in person has been seldom through physical and more through words.


Friday, November 7, 2008

city lights

In the heart of the city you can find something you love. It could even be yourself.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

& what about you???

Okay. and what about you????? do you think that life is a series of changes adapted to each individual or each individual adapting to a series of changes....



Phils Win. Nutty parade. Septa was crammed. Work is crazy. Life is crazy. First Black President of the United States. Lots of change. Lots of anticipation. New things in life. New loves in life. New life in love. New people. Bettter faces. Bettter places. Better spaces. Getting out of the rut. Getting rid of the gut. In the middle of the tornado music is the calm. Like the ocean at night and the quiet of the city upon dawn.