Thursday, June 6, 2024


Get back to who you were when you had nothing and you will appreciate everything you get now that much more. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2024


During my meditiation the other day, a favorite speaker of mine was going through a session that halfway through related to the ocean. The ocean as a metaphor for what we go through in life. Of course, very easy to identify with if you're someone who isn't landlocked. The calm of the sea, the volatility of it, the depths to which it goes, the creatures that live in it, what the ocean brings to us as people; food, peace, power, actual electric power, growth, spirituality, the connection with a high power, the wonder of what is "across the pond", the feeling of jumping right in, the feeling of leaving the ocean behind you and lastly, closing your eyes and turning your back to the ocean as the powerful waves crash into you. Initially they hit your back, you're shocked, they wash over you, engulf you, surround you with love, tempt you with deception of their power, but then they recede, they rise up on the beach and the water fades and you are left there.....definitely no worse off than you were. You are in a sense cleansed by something so powerful, you're amazed you can encounter it just about any day you want...well...depending on where you live. Ha. As a child I loved being knocked around by the waves. The harder they were, the more excited I became. These days, I like to ride it out with them. I want the ocean and the waves to be my co-pilot, my sidekick, my friend. I want it to power me through these days and nights and times where I am not so strong. I want the strength of the sea to fill my heart and power my soul in the ways I have no yet mastered. I want the sea to keep that connection to my mom, my aunt, my Pop Pop and my Mom Mom open forever, so many great memories with them all growing up; ones that I miss so very much today. I want that connection to be salty and sandy, calm and peaceful, exciting and powerful, dark and unknown, crisp and bubbly, hopeful, yet somewhat unpredictable; I guess how my life has been at different points of time. I realize, the sea and me, well, we both just have to keep moving, keep growing, continue to be a doorway of the unknown and what might become. If anything, the past has a connection to the ocean. I would be remisce to not remember that. Alas, the sea calls...

We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch - we are going back to where we came from. John F. Kennedy