Tuesday, February 28, 2023

in passing

Everyone has a past. Everyone has things they wish they could change. Why is it that when we lament over the past, it is usually missed opportunities or things you wish you hadn't done or experienced, but there is no changing it. It is hammered away in stone. Granted there are those lucky few who get to go through a second chance of a situation. Very rare I know. When you get excited about moving forward, you take control of your perception of the past from your heart and your mind. Really if anyone says things worked out exactly like they imagined, they're lying. We're all bootstrapping (despite what their social media will tell you). Wake up, tackle your day, wander when you can in your head, take a step back, feel love, feel joy, process sadness, process loss. A lot to do in one day. haven't written on here in a while. the future is receding, like salt water rushing away from the beach......it is truly the cycle of life. the coming and going of the tide. stay above water, swim where you can, stay still to catch your breath, reach out for a life preserver when you need to. get to safety. touch the rough of the rocks. touch it with your feet and your hands. the pain will awaken your senses....remember...there were people that couldn't jump in the water today....they have moved on....and are now, part of the past. 

"The only difference between the saint and the sinner is that every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future." - Oscar Wilde

Friday, February 24, 2023



December 11, 1994 | Delaware County Daily Times (Primos - Upper Darby, PA)

FIRST TEAM OFFENSE Line: Greg Pierce, Academy Park; Jerrold Weatherly, Chester; Xavier Galindo and Ofa Donaldson, Glen Mills; Milton Smith, Ryan Booker and Joe Terra, Penn Wood. Quarterback: Kyle Hill, Penn Wood.

Receivers: Dennis Springer and Anthony Reynolds, Penn Wood; Maurice Ryant, Glen Mills; Joe Hollman, Chester.

Running backs: Aaron Mackrey, Penn Wood; Ben Alexander, Glen Mills; James Carmichael, Academy Park.

FIRST TEAM DEFENSE Line: Pete Govens, Glen Mills; Raoof Mateen, Academy Par; Lamont Hughes and Jessie Allen, Chester; Ben Stanley, Milton Smith and Ed Jean-Baptiste, Penn Wood.

Linebackers: Joe Terra and Justin Wright, Penn Wood; Kareem Devine, Chester; Damar Johnson, Glen Mills; Tim Meeley, Academy Park.

Back: Aaron Mackrey, Michael D. Walker and Anthony Reynolds, Penn Wood; Chris Ferrari, Academy Park; Kewyne Bolds, Chester; Everett Baker, Glen Mills.

SECOND TEAM OFFENSE Line: Enos Hill, Glen Mills; Vernon Brown, Damon Mayfield, Jesse Allen and Lamont Hughes, Chester; Ed Jean-Baptiste, Penn Wood; Andre Harrison, Academy Park.

Quaterback: McGuel Bays, Glen Mills.

Receivers: William Mason, Glen Mills; Albert Motley, Chester; Michael D. Walker, Penn Wood; Jeremy Klein, Academy Park.

Running backs: Jamar Kinder, Chester; Jamar Butler, Glen Mills; Justin Wright, Penn Wood.

SECOND TEAM DEFENSE Line: Damon Mayfield and Jerrold Weatherly, Chester; Sionne Tavake and Darryl Gartley, Glen Mills; Jerome Farquharson, Penn Wood.

Linebackers: Dennis Springer, Wilson Audelein and Shauntae Willis, Penn Wood; Henry Shivers, Glen Mills; Devon Minter amd Albert Motley, Chester; Kwasi Aware, Academy Park.

Backs: Walter Bracey and Jack Combs, Glen Mills; Andre Handy, Chester; John Scanlan, Academy Park; Craig Davis, Penn Wood.

HONORABLE MENTION (Listed alphabetically by school) Academy Park: Tim Flynn, Dwayne Smart, Bill Bissinger, Mike Porreca, Steve Richart, Pat Hicks, Andre Harrison, Greg Pierce, Kevin Hornug, Jeremy Klein.

Chester: Rashod Kelly, Jamil Boyer, Devin Minter, Naeem McCommons, Kareem Devine, Dirk Butler, Basil Motley, Robert Chase, Michael Cobb.

Glen Mills: Brancisco Denoyas, Vern Scott, Cliff Anderson, Josh Elliott, B.J. Morgan, Anthony Bright, Mike Crosby.