Sunday, April 30, 2023

I saw you

It started with broken glass. 

I saw an open seat. 

I saw my future in you. 

I saw myself in you.

We laughed. We talked about pain.

We touched. 

We talked about the past.

I wanted more. 

You got pulled away. 

I could grip your scent. 

We talked about the rough times. 

I touched your knee.

You grabbed your side. 

I asked. 

You answered.

Your smile. Your lips. 

It brought me to life. 

My heart started beating again. 

I am alive again. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

When I run away to Mars

I wonder where we are all heading. All of us rambling along on the roads and highways, not many of us on roads of dirt or water. Our materialism ate those paths up; those paths that may have provided us the greatest nourishment. I am not working at the moment. It leaves time in your mind; for bad, for good, for anything. I will travel soon. Back to those dirt paths as I did yesterday. Along the mountain cliff or down the slope of time. Eager to see a friend that connects me to the person I was before I changed. Let's face it, we all change. I mean, we have to change and adapt; a forceful hand of cards in the deck of life. I was not the same person 25 years ago. Granted, I was not the same person 25 minutes ago. I am 25 minutes older. There are days I don't feel like fighting what is flowing. I shake that off in minutes most days. We are traveling so fast through space and time; we are coming and going across spectrums faster than we ever did as humans. Do we ever sit still any more? Do we ever just sit and think about our place in this vast universe, our place in history, our time on this planet. Getting older, folks growing older, things breaking, minds bending, longing for a place where they felt good in life only to realize that place is now only in their mind....that place where you created the memory. You and her, you and him, you and them, us, together. We're by the water, by the trees, we're eating, we're singing, we're laughing, we're laughing with you and your boy Chris Farley. We become adults, yet long for that approval of our parent(s), that hug, that kiss, that assurance it will be ok. We turn on the news and realize, everything is not alright. The sun has always been real and for some reason a reminder that the new day was something we've never seen before. I think I would've faded if it was dark and gray where I am. I am drawn to the brightness, that which can light up the darkness or burn me if I get too close. Thus, I will see you on that vertical trail to space and hopefully get to see the top of the mountain; that place we were at in our minds, but we can climb to again.......soon.

What If I run away to Mars?

Would you find me in the stars?

Would you miss me in the end?

If I run out of oxygen

When I run away to Mars