Monday, February 17, 2014

Chime in

I hate smartphones and social media. They're like water droppers in a hamster cage. We've become so preoccupied with the actions or lack thereof from "important" people in our lives that we stop living for ourselves and the people and times we really want to have in our life. We start worrying about what we think we should care about and not what really care about. I'd give up so much to get so much more out of the relationships that mean the most to me. They fade, dissipate and we are left wondering what's next? What should I put my energy into next? What do I really want to do and who do I want to bring with me on this next adventure? So much more to life than some can see.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

window out

All this snow on the East Coast this week. I read a post from a friend that made a lot of sense. Maybe this is God's way to keep us in, close to our loved ones, close to family, or maybe even just alone to enjoy some time. Slow the process, slow life down to these moments looking out at nature's wrath and realizing the futility of mankind. We are such small pieces in this world and in the universe. A snow storm, to help us realize that we can soon be incapacitated. For families, a time to enjoy your loved ones and talk or play games. A good meal, a warm blanket, a good movie. Moments that can't be recreated or duplicated. It's this day, this week in time, the snow storm of February 2014. Enjoy it, enjoy them, enjoy the view from inside.

And meanwhile in France....