Thursday, September 22, 2016


I like to remember. I choose to live in the good moments despite the bad things that may have happened. Too often we replay the bad for how they hurt us and just dispose of the good that made us feel great. Some of your best memories of life will be celebrated with people you cared for at that moment. Some few moments will be celebrated on your own. Some things are like that. A win you celebrate as your heart is exploding with happiness and the hair on your arms stands up off the skin that feels electric. With so many negative things piercing our airwaves, it is so important to remember there is so much good out there.....the good the news and media will never report. That doesn't make people go "Oh my God!" doesn't sell enough papers I guess. I remember you. I remember watching you sleep. I remember the first time I saw you. I remember letting you in my arms. I remember changing your diaper. I remember feeding you. I remember watching you trying to recover. I remember when there was nothing left...and I remember letting you go. I remember watching you get in your car. I remember you getting out. I remember you coming through my door...I remember leaving through yours. I remember. I remember the moment I kissed your head in the hospital as the heart monitor and machines kept you alive. I remember watching you run straight into the end of a metal corner and piercing your rib cage....blood time to had to be saved. I remember. I remember protecting you from evil. I remember seeing evil coming at me and seeing it come at you. I remember those nights I thought would last forever...and I remember the mornings I never wanted to see...and the regret that came along with them. I remember the beach in Rio, the snow in Banff in Calgary, the beaches of Cancun, the water of Newport, looking down the hills to Manhattan Beach, the crazy of Venice Beach, and the Cali Love. I remember Piccadilly Square and the lights. I remember the models in the basement. I remember the Underground in Chicago and the late nights on the balcony. I remember swimming with the sharks and the wonder of the ocean....the color. I remember you. I remember DC...and the monuments...and so many lives lost to preserve so many of the lives left...and freedom for a country so young. I wake up with memories and go to sleep thinking what I will create next. I want them to be good. I want your memories to be good. Your time here is so short...we are but a speck in the universe...maybe half that. Let's make they.....can remember us.....

Be safe out there. Bob.
Perhaps one day this too will be pleasant to remember. - Virgil

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