Sunday, April 11, 2021

It’s ok to quit.

If you feel under appreciated, under utilized, not motivated, beaten down, underpaid, you can change. Like anyone, I’m human. I’m guilty of staying in bad situations that no longer serve me or are emotional, physically or psychologically damaging. Maybe I stayed out of loyalty. Maybe out of stupidity. Maybe both. I think we all are in some way creatures of habit, but it’s hard to notice the red flags and damage after that routine becomes so engrained. Try and know the truth over the lies. Try to recognize genuine over fake. Remember your time is valuable. It’s valuable to you, your friends, your family, and your significant other. If it doesn’t matter to people you are near, stay away from them. Sometimes folks will want to make themselves seem like the big fish in a small pond as a show of power; that’s not someone you want to be around. You want someone who can be entrusted and engaging with you. Not just pumping their own successes up. There are some people and groups that no matter how much you do, how much better you make things, how much you sacrifice or how much you achieve, they will always push the goal posts back cause that’s how they get rocks off. They have little power outside of that respect so that’s their “fun”. Be around people who prop you up and support your growth instead of being an anchor and weighing you down. It is not called quitting when you leave a situation that no longer serves you. Your self worth and emotional well being are worth more than that. The world is a tough place but you can win when you’re fighting for what’s best for yourself and those you love. Come to the realization that some situations do not deserve you. Believe you’re too good for a bad situation. Believe me, even Hell has a back door. 



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