Monday, July 26, 2021

Situation of change

When I was younger I was one of those people who made the best out of a bad situation. I would try and just “hack” it. I think at a young age, I would be quiet and just try and hope things would get better. As an adult, you realize there are lots of good and bad situations. The bad situations have phases. Not good, bad, terrible, miserable, run for the fuckin hills. Like younger me, I hope for the best when a situation is going through the phases. Older me came to a conclusion. There are just some situations in life that no matter what you do, the only way you’re changing the situation is by removing yourself from the equation. All phases of these bad situations can really wear your mental and psychological state down. They can engulf your mind. To the point you’re not motivated to change. Like the Devil you know isn’t as bad as the devil you don’t. I think part of me got so used to a bad situation, I just thought it was my destiny to be in it. You see people who are in good and positive situations and your goal is to get there. The actors in your bad situation seem to thrive in that situation cause they don’t know what a good situation is and really, they know they’re not really invested in the outcome or good situations don’t want or need them. You can move on from anything in this life. And while some will say “live and learn” and “lesson learned”, there is a debt called time that we pay. That debt is important because time can never be repaid and sometimes assholes love wasting other people’s time. Having hope is fine. Hoping for a miracle or an act of God, well, hopeless. Go to where you are supported and enabled to be happy. It will be worth it. Your head and your heart will be thankful. 

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” Albert Einstein

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