Monday, October 23, 2023


I can replay it. A distant memory. A time in space. The quiet moments between four walls. The times I was excited. The times I was scared. The times I was sad. The times….the times I thought it was my last time of life. Emotions making me motionless. My lack of emotions making me seem emotionless only to replay down the road to bring about emotions. The cold air that hit our faces when we walked outside. The salt air on my lips, the city air in my lungs. Your family’s cabin and the fresh water. The path along the cliff. I floated through time set inside a reality that collapsed in front of my face. I can take myself to any place in my mind, I can take that part of my heart and remember. Across the table from you, sharing a meal and the unknown. I’m in the middle of a place I couldn’t find on a map. I’m across the ocean I can still see you. I’m forever sailing toward an unknown destination. I lost who I was at some point, I could see him in the distance, a former mirage where impurity poisoned a dream. My mind forgot the most important things; my heart overpowered. I can still replay the moments I cared. I can still replay the moments. You can as well. You’re never far from the thoughts that only stop when you’re heart stops. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Remember what is most important and keep it close. Remember what was most important and wish them well. Be thankful you got the chance to have the moments….there are many who live their whole lives and never feel what you felt. If only it was forever, it would’ve been too perfect. That is not reality. Even shooting stars go in different directions…..only to dull in brightness but reach their destination. 

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