Wednesday, May 6, 2009


When something happens, how much do you question it? Do you become more critical of something that happened that negatively impacted your life? Or are you like me, something good happens and you are in such disbelief that you question that as well. Someone recently said I am too critical. Ok, I agree. But is there someone out there who doesn’t think about any of the details of the natural occurring events in their life?

I wish I didn’t. I’m thankful I have four sisters that can help me out when I have questions about women. Women, I’d have to say you have a guy friend or even maybe a boyfriend or husband that you ask questions to as to why certain things happen. I mean, this has to be natural right? I mean, I’m not just talking about relations with other people. Could be anything in life.

I spend too much time thinking of the “why” around events that occur in the daily life. I know that it is flaw of mine. I mean, I think of some characters I’ve seen in movies and hear their words that they’re just going where life takes them and have no worries. I wish that was the case for me and tons of others. It’s not like I don’t believe some of the things that may occur in my life, but I always want to know why. Almost so badly that I’d almost rather know the why then have something good occur again. Does that sound ridiculous? I just read that statement again and it does sound ridiculous. It sounds stupid because something good that happens should be totally welcomed and appreciated.

I am laughing because so many situations come to mind. A guy/girl sees you running for an elevator and doesn’t hold it for you. One of two things. One, they didn’t want to help. Two, they wanted to help, but were too lazy. Now, doesn’t all that change if said guy/girl is attracted to you. The whole dynamic of that situation changes because they will make the effort to make sure your ass gets on that elevator, no? Whoever you are, try it sometime. I know it’s totally superficial, but I have no idea what you look like and you may have no clue who the hell I am.

Something recently happened to me that caught me off guard. Don’t know why the person said it. Don’t know why they did it. I want to think about the motives before just accepting what they did because I guess that’s how my mind works. Think of the why. It wasn’t like what happened was bad, but maybe I want to happen again and if I figure out the why, maybe I can make it happen. But I have to stop. I can’t make something that occurred naturally happen. It just has to happen. So therein lay a choice?

Do you wait for it to happen again or do you take action to increase the chance it can happen again?

Don’t let your dirty mind go wandering. I am fairly good with words and you have probably assumed something totally opposite to what happened. But I digress. Think as you like. Play as you like.

And as I wrote this tonight….something else just happened that trumped what happened earlier in my story. And I reacted and took it as it came and let words roll, um, yeah, roll of my hands…..cause like I reply via email.

I guess, after all of what I experienced the past few days; I figure it like this. It happens. It’s going to happen. If it’s bad, accept, adapt, & change. If it’s good, accept, adapt, enjoy. Two out of the three reactions are the same. I’ve wasted so much time on thinking of the why I never got to enjoy the fact that it even happened. Maybe that’s what happened to all those scientists who spent decades wondering how we all got here…..they kept wondering and stopped enjoying life.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.


The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said.
-Peter Drucker

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