Friday, July 17, 2009


Sometimes we can fall into a state of reminisce with such a simple subtlety that you fall into that moment that seems timeless or that time is in fact standing still. You might be physically and mentally frozen in a state of capture. Minutes or hours may pass and you spend a few moments shaking your head or experiencing the chills of happiness, sadness, or just wonderment.

I think music is a great medium that extracts that feeling out of us. You hear a song and you can sit and stare or you are in a state of tranced movement where the colors are a blur of sounds, music, friends, lights, and energy. Today I sat and listened and thought about what the music meant to me at the time I first heard it. I thought about the song and who first suggested I listen to it. I think we have those moments. You may or may not know what I’m talking about, but surely if you have ears and can hear, you can identify with the feeling. As the song plays you run through a kaleidoscope of memories, so fast you may wish that you could replay it again and again. Maybe on a big screen. Maybe in a private viewing though….

I have a good amount of friends who are into music. Some make their own. Some produce. Some are so talented they have no idea how much I admire them. Some play instruments. Some play on a keyboard. Some of you just like to listen and let the music play you. Maybe wonder where the people you first heard those songs with are at in their lives. Maybe you’re like me and you keep those mental snapshots and music is there. In the background as you were running through your life. If you’re like me, a city dweller, maybe music goes with you everywhere you go.

Today I listened to the words of this song. I heard them and they still resonated as they did the first time I heard it. Still a very powerful song and I’m left asking questions. I’m left with no conclusion, but I am smiling and shaking my head. A grin more like it. I got the message when I heard the song. It was their way of saying sorry without saying sorry. Maybe if you can do just that, play a song that is what you want to say to someone. I guess that’s just the same as saying it, but that song will play again and well, the statement will be timeless. What is ironic that no matter what feelings the song may bring about, you will listen to it, right?

I’m happy the song came on today. The song is still good. Just like the person who first suggested I listen to it. I’ve once been told that I was a bit of a “cold” person. I guess, maybe so in person, but maybe that’s why I am forced to write even if no one ever even reads. I figure if I can write like this than there’s something in there. The song of the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz comes to mind…..but no man is made of metal.

I left a part out.

Where words fail, music speaks.
-Hans Christian Andersen

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