Friday, October 17, 2008


Fall Fridays in Philly. Can't really beat it. I guess with every changing seasons we get the chance to change who we are. Maybe change the perception of the life we lead. Maybe even hope to change the perception of others. Maybe just leave those with their closed minded perceptions in the back of the mind and maybe on some island somewhere. Things are good. Finally starting to settle in to this little city. It has so much to offer and I wish I had an hour to meet everyone who lives here, but I guess I'll just keep flying by the seat of my pants and let the breeze take me where it may. Can't question my decisions in the past and least of all can't regret them either and I don't want to condemn those who are so lacking in self-power that they can hardly stand on their own two feet. I pity those people because they let the owners of the strings make them dance to their tune and not the tune of their heart and soul. Fall is totally upon us and Halloween is approaching. The welcome of holidays and family and maybe the welcome of the newness of the season and the potential of a city brimming with vigor and excitement......

ah. the city.


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