Monday, October 20, 2008

letting go...

I guess in the end, you have to let go of things that you try to hold on to cause whether it be a good or bad memory or a good or bad person; it's just that.....the past. For the first time in a while it was easyy to not be mad about things that happened in the past and be excited about who I have become as a result of that arduous time. I don't think we can worry about changing people or even worry about who they have changed into. People become who they want to become out of two processes. The process of outside affecting them on the inside. And the process of their inside affecting the outside. Either way, I can't hold grudges or even be mad at bad decisions I made in the past. I think as humans we want to hold this spot in our hearts about how we felt about someone, but where will it ever get us? If you hold onto a happy emotion about something with someone, it may force you to hold that feeling for all of life. If you hold on to a bad emotion, well, you're just holding yourself back in life. I welcome the change and challenge the adversity that any past difficult situation put me through. I heard it best from Tom Hanks in a quote..."I learned a lot more from people telling me to piss of rather than I did from people kissing my ass."

I guess, what did it really matter? You have to be sure about some things right....And really, what has ever occurred in the way we thought we were so sure about it occurring?????


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