Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Sometimes when I'm faced with a dilemma or personal decision, I throw it out there amongst the crowd and see what mish-mash of suggestions I get back and then make my decision, but the older I get, the more I learn that people are just as clueless as I can be about certain situations in life. And if you have a friend/peer that was burned before in a similar situation.....well, you don't want to ask them because they'll be totally biased and scorn....so what to do? I sometimes ask the Big Guy upstairs, but I think I ran out of chances with him. :) Sometimes I ask my grandfather, but mostly his response to every dilemma is "I'd tell them to go pound sand up their ass"...Yes, this goes for every man, woman, and child that gives "Pop-Pop" a tough time. Sometimes I ask a close friend and they do their best to help, but well, sometimes, I don't listen to well.

I guess the best person to ask is myself. At least then I can give myself shit for the decision or answer I come to. I mean, I'm the most well-informed on situations involving me. I think the days of saving face and all this crap about pride are in my past. You take those roads in life and you could end up a stubborn, miserable grouch.....I guess it's okay to make a decision to protect yourself from getting hurt again. No one would ever fault you for that......except maybe yourself for shutting the door on an opportunity.


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