Friday, December 26, 2008


Everyone has a past I figure. I guess some of us dwell on it. Some of us revel in it. Some of us try to fix it. Some of us can't get past it. And then some of us forget about it. I guess we're all a mix of that. For all the things I want to forget about from my past they've made me who I am today. Some of it helped. Some of it didn't. Some of it hurt. Some of it made you happy. But everyone has a past. It's just like a suitcase you carry around. You have to remember that while you are who you are, on every trip you're bringing along some things you need, some things you think you'll need, some new clothes and some old clothes........but most of all....just make sure you enjoy the trip and bring something good home with you. Most likely you won't be visiting again....


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