Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Damn it's cold down here in Philly. Anyhow, the new year is starting off really well. It's ironic how just a different year can change your perspective on things and also minimize things that you may have thought had more of an impact on your life. Like I say, it's all in the reaction. A person once said to me, before you react in a negative or outlandish way, wait one or two days and see if you still feel the same way. Sure usually are much more mellow about what once bothered you. I see some friends and family taking trips to some really nice & jealously warm places. Seems like a great idea right about now considering the N'East is getting hit with a bit of an arctic blast and zero degree nights. I guess I like to take advantage of these times and find a place to get warm...and share some laughs. So get warm, share some good times, and remember...the cold goes away in a few months... :)

yes mr. police officer, there might be some things that could go towards a book.....but for some reason I think I need to stop making life so damn interesting. ha!


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