Friday, January 16, 2009


I find it funny how many people get frustrated when they don't have control over someone or something that's going on in their lives. I mean, I understand why something like that could be frustrating, but most things, well, like feelings and emotions, we do have a certain level of control over. You choose how to feel every day. What is interesting to me is while people get frustrated when they do not have control over something; they can be a pushover to someone or something that is controlling them and let this situation or individual control them. I think mentally, we can only avert our minds to what this type of control is doing to our psyche. In the end, I think we almost have to apologize to ourselves for allowing such control. I know we've all been controlled by something or someone in our lives, so I beg the question why? I don't know if such control provides some type of structure or reinforcement. I'm not talking about society's control or the control of the law. Most of us abide by those rules (wink), but I'm speaking on the things in life that just pop up and take us by the horns and drive us to the ground.....or walk us directly into a place we know won't feel good in the end.

Don't play fair, but do play.


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