Monday, January 26, 2009


Never let someone define the person you aim to be in life. Define yourself to others and make efforts to be the person you want to be. Too often I see people believing in what others perceive or see in them; and that's just not supposed to be the case. Look in the mirror and ask yourself "who am I and who do I want others to see me as?" You may struggle with the answer, but only you know. This one time while I was doing an internship (aka collecting and distributing faxes to adults), I was really giving the guy I worked with a hard time. Making fun of him, his friends, his family, even his parents. So he looks me right in the eye and says, "Bob, I know why you're making fun of me. It's because you're insecure about yourself. So I'm okay with that. I know the more you make fun of me and my life, the less you like yourself...."

With that statement I turned around in my chair and shut up pretty quickly. It was quite the truth at that time and that guy and I became really great friends over the years. Today, I am impressed with the person he has become all the while still being that corny intern from Jersey that used to help me have a great time in an otherwise boring and mundane job.

Here's to you Faxboy. Cheers to the good old days!


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