Thursday, January 8, 2009

wrong, me? come on.

I find it amusing how some people will tell you how wrong your ideas are, how wrong your life might be, how you need to "calm" or "settle" down, how you need to take it easy, or how you think you know it all. I mean, if your life is wrong you won't be happy, if you need to settle, go ahead and settle for less, if you need to take it easy, anything hard is usually worthwhile, and if we thought we knew it all, we'd all be rich and's an expression.

but you can't argue with a happy person because after the argument, they're still happy and moving on to the next thing that brings them happiness. I've always found that to be an interesting trait. Happy people don't dwell on things. They fix things or they move on.

And Principal.......maybe in some way I was getting it all these years. I mean, my suitcase is filled with tons of good shit. Here's to the travels on the road, in your head and in your heart.


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