Friday, January 30, 2009

guy smiley

Did you ever become so enamored or excited inside that you can’t even look straight ahead? You might do what I do. You might just get a big grin (in my case a stupid crooked grin) and then look down and you can still feel yourself smiling ear to ear about the way you feel. And you just shake your head thinking how funny or happy you might be. Like, am I really this happy about what I see or is this really happening or did he/she really do that? I often times am caught in this type of reaction. Little cousins do something funny, pretty girl walking down a city street smiles at me, or one of my friends just says something that is so out of left field I am left speechless and impressed all at once. A few of my friends have words that go along with this type of emotion. Some say “eaaasssyyyyy”, some say “pheewwww”; some go “uh huh huh huh”.

I guess my point to all of the above is that you should also get this type of feeling out of a relationship or a friendship. You were right Z, life is too short my friend and you did the right thing. My friends, male and female and even blood-related, give me these times of bliss where I am at a loss for words but am full of thought and emotion. Some people even laugh so much they cry, right? I often times find myself bringing up moments in the past that made me feel like this if I’m ever facing something difficult. And, well, embarrassing as it may sound, I might recite what was said at that time. Say you never did it?

I guess my point to the below of the above is that you should also expect this feeling from a boyfriend or a girlfriend, a wife or a husband (not giving marital advice here) or a best friend.

I think if you can go to sleep with a smile on your face as you flip to your side of the pillow you’re a very lucky person…..


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