Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 minutes

You ever just wake up and not worry about anything? I used to wake up worrying about all kinds of stuff. From family, to friends, to work, to school, to um, what I did last night…And, well, who the hell are you sleeping next to me? Or in college and thereafter, where the hell am I and why are you speaking in pig Latin? Those last few are of course just exaggerations. Sometimes in the past I never had to ask those questions because the nights would become mornings and I’d just “go through it”. Ah The Deck. These days I have some mix of normal nights with a side of insanity.

Some mornings, like today for instance, I woke up with a calm ease. I woke up ten minutes later than what I had planned, but since I didn’t set my alarm, err cell phone, ten minutes earlier it just didn’t happen. Anyhow, I woke up and my heart wasn’t racing at the usual BPM rate that it might when you get up in the morning. It wasn’t even rushing. It was like watching the tide go out on the beach. It was just moving along at it’s own pace. I stood there for a brief second and just looked.

When I have mornings like that I get up more motivated and ready for whatever the day will hold. I think I said in an earlier post that if you can go to bed smiling on your pillow you’re a lucky person. I think if your mornings are greeted with a sense of calm contentment; you go away with a safe confidence that things are pretty good.

That happened this morning. Well, that’s what the guy who wrote this told me. :)


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