Thursday, February 5, 2009

elder statesmen

When I am having a bad day or having trouble with something, I always find that speaking to my grandfather to be the greatest therapy in the world. I can sit there and say whatever I want and I will get the honest, old-world, no-nonsense truth from him. Whether it's about relationships, jobs, partying, parents, traffic in Smelco, or the beach.....the guy will never shy away from telling me what he thinks. As I sit, um stand, I'm friggin standing in my kitchen, mykitchen that is painted with a color call "optimistic yellow". When my mom saw the kitchen, she thought I had gone another direction with my life...of course, if you know me, that's just not a possibility.. And there's nothing wrong with either team you play for....But I digress...

As I stand here, I can only laugh at how talking with my grandfather makes me feel. Sometimes I wish I came from a simpler time. No war, no sinking economy, no divorces, no terrorism, no crashes, no nothing, but then I think for a second...the guy is 78 years old...he's gone through the wire and back. I guess you just tough it out and live to fight another day by the time you're his age.

Do you have a special person you share so much with? A parent? A friend? A relative? I mean, that person that you could tell anything to, but really, you are just impressed with their take on life. How they are totally at ease with everything that can and will happen. I have a few friends that I know are like that. They handle the most difficult situations in life with grace and a quiet calm. I just hope that it's honest. Me on the other hand. I sometimes run down the street with my ass on fire just to see who will look. It's strange though. It can change as you rotate through groups of friends. In one group you could be the party boy/girl and in another you're just a rookie. Okay, so maybe all of you don't party any more.


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