Thursday, February 12, 2009


It means Valentines Day….

So I went to the game with A. Great time, good drinks, better food; and good stories about occurrences in the last few months. We just had some good laughs. And heard a song with eloquent lyrics. She got her own car, she pay her own bills, she got her own money. Or something like that. I’m real proud that someone is making millions off of lyrics a pre-schooler could write. I knew I should have been a rapper. Southeast Delco is very similar to Compton, California.

Anyhow, I always get a good laugh when people get amused at my stories or say “only you would say something like that”. I said to A that he’s quick, but then he came back with, yeah man, but not that quick. But I digress, timing is not always everything in life. I always say I look at moments in a few ways. Great opportunity, questionable participants. Questionable opportunity, great participants. Great participants, great opportunity. You can play that any way you like. I’m not always referring to things between a guy and a girl. I also think of that kind of thing that a bad situation can be valued if you go through it with great people. Of course the ideal situation would be to go through something great with great people or a great person.

I was going to get into some deep stuff today, but it’s been one of those weeks. Lots on my mind and even more to think about. Ever have those weeks where you wish every day was Friday? People are gonna probably say “B, you wish your whole life was a Friday night?” Yeah, who the hell doesn’t? I don’t find pure enjoyment over waking up on weekdays, but the Man says he won’t give me money unless I wake up and do his biddings.

Well it’s almost Friday and I am actually interested in what all of you are up to this weekend. Will you be spending some down time with a loved one on Valentine’s Day? Will you be pining for love lost and the gifts you used to get when you were together? Will you be Cupid’s enemy and spend it at a bar or club with other singles saying “I hate Valentine’s Day” in the same breath saying “I wish I was with him or her…or at least not alone.” I guess it’s all relative, but depending on where I’m at on Saturday I’ll still be smiling. I guess I’m single, but I’ve never really landed on that word for referring to myself. Insert foot in mouth for anyone who knows me 5 plus years.

I don’t mean to make you sad or upset, but I have to say this. See, what I think about when I write the word single is that you are physically single and not with anyone. I never really think that way. Someone is always on my mind or inside of my heart in some way. Like my friend M says, “spread love, shine on”. I believe that. I believe the love you share is the love you get in return. On a less than positive note, I know there are people out there who are in something they’d rather not be a part of and they are the loneliest people out there because they’re too afraid to stand on two feet and search for the love they deserve. Someone close to me comes to mind. And it’s been hard to watch over the years.

I guess the only thing I can do is keep my heart open that she’ll find a person that loves her for the great person she is. I’m happy I came to that point in my life where I don’t have to be second best in anything in life. Standing in a line at a club is okay. Standing in line waiting for someone to love you the way you want is downright painful. Someone once said to me “You’re always searching for greener grass.” What she didn’t know was that I was searching for greener grass, but I wanted to lay on the grass with her. I was never one to be preoccupied with having someone else when I was with someone, but rather having the greatest time with the person I was with at that time. I value each relationship I’ve ever been in and funny as it may seem, they’ll pop in and out of my head on Valentines Day. If you’ve ever been in a serious relationship around Valentines Day (interjection, I guess I don’t know if everyone quantifies “serious relations” by days, weeks, months or years), then you’ve done something around Valentine’s Day. Even if it was just a nice card, some flowers, or for J the Inn of the Dove in Harrisburg. ha. Love ya Cousin Jas.

I hope all of you are happy doing whatever you do. By yourself, with your special someone, or the someone you find for a few hours of bliss. Come on now, I have to admit the obvious. Watch the drunk dialing of all ex’s. Refrain from calling the girl from the club/bar/bus stop 30 minutes after you get her number. If you’re not sure what to get her…..chances are you don’t even really know her that well.

"We all suffer from the preoccupation that there exists ... in the loved one, perfection."
-Sidney Poitier

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